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Rebirth of Innocence

We will be using this book to explore the adventures of this young girl who is authentic, fearless, and full of life. Through the inspiration of this story, participants will be encouraged to allow your imaginations to soar as you reconnect with your dreams and deepest heart's desires. As you feel your joy, you will create an opening within your heart in which to experience and to express all that you truly are in your abundance. As your journey unfolds, thoughts, beliefs, and patterns that tell you that you are not enough and that you cannot be, do, and have all that you desire, will inevitably be revealed. In a safe and loving environment, as all that you are not magically falls away, you will have the opportunity to choose, once again, what you wish to believe about yourself.

Our focus will be on learning to:

The potential for those who choose to embark on this journey of awakening is to fully open the petals of your heart to receive miracles, magic, and blessings - to Rebirth your Innocence and Return to Love!

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