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About Me

I came into this lifetime as an “empath” with the ability to tune into the thoughts, feelings, and emotions of others. I remember, as a small child, silently observing the world around me with an awareness that there was something greater than what I was able to see with my human eyes. As I became more and more enmeshed in the drama that is inherent in third dimensional reality, the veils of forgetfulness inevitably clouded my vision.

Like many, my childhood was challenging, allowing me to experience the full spectrum of my feelings and emotions, as I took on beliefs and conditioned mind patterns of my parents, teachers and others whom I looked to for guidance. I attended Catholic school for thirteen years and, though this experience provided me with a spiritual foundation, the message that we are separate from our Creator and one another did not ring true for me. Somehow, I miraculously managed to retain my belief in the power of love and the greater truth that we are all One.

At age 19, while struggling as a single working mother, I was gifted with a copy of The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran, which forever changed my perception of myself, the role I was playing as a parent, and my relationship with everyone and everything in my life. Every fiber of my being resonated with the words of undeniable truth and wisdom that were so beautifully expressed within those pages. They ignited an unquenchable thirst within my heart and soul and a deep desire to understand the greater purpose and meaning of my life. A seed had been planted. However, it wasn't until several years later that I consciously, and with great intention, began what I would continue to refer to as “my spiritual path.” During those years of self-exploration, I experienced many different healing modalities and received inspiration from a number of teachers, including various channels, writers, peacemakers, artists, musicians and philosophers.

I am grateful for all experiences in my life, knowing that each has served a purpose. Yet, one exceptionally profound blessing that I received while staying with a friend in Shell Beach, was a visitation from Archangel Gabriel. As I bathed in the warmth of his light and love and looked deeply into his crystal clear blue eyes, he shared with me that “The secret of life is to be true to self and remember to love.”  Taking those words into my heart, I called forth greater clarity as to my own unique expression and purpose in this lifetime. Within a few months, as I set my intention to create greater openings, I began communing with those who reside beyond this dimension in the Realms of Light, from whence we all came and are now returning.

It has been my lifelong desire and pursuit to awaken to the remembrance of who I truly am and to be at peace...the peace that I now know can only be attained as I embrace myself and all of life on this beloved planet with unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion. This is our return home to the heart of our Creator, in oneness with All That Is, that has forever resided within us. Course in Miracles beautifully refers to this as our “journey without distance.”