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Wisdom of the Heart Messages

At this time of great transformation on our beloved planet, it is my honor to serve as a conduit, bringing forth messages from angels, guides, Ascended Masters, those who reside in the Nature Kingdom, and those from other planets and star systems. These beloved beings, whom many relate to as our “Family of Light,” are here to assist us with moving beyond doubt and fear. As we detach from the noise of the outer world, and focus our attention on our own creativity and that which makes our heart's sing, we feel their loving presence and know that we are not alone.

With wisdom and grace, they light our way as we journey inward, ever awakening to our own treasure trove of gifts within and the truth that frees us to be, to experience, and to express all that we truly are. This is our Return to Love - to a freedom that surpasses all that we have ever known.

My experience of channeling is that of a merging of my energy with those who are from higher dimensions of consciousness. The role that I have chosen to play is that of an interpreter or translator, as I convey their messages through my own expression. In so doing, I fulfill my purpose and destiny to serve as a scribe and messenger of their love, truth, and wisdom.

It is my joy to assist with providing others with greater understanding, clarity, revelations, and healing as they open the petals of their heart to receive miracles, magic, and blessings.

What is Channeling?

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, those who have left their embodiments, and even animals and pets. Many of our most renowned and beloved artists, writers, musicians, philosophers, and scientists contributed gifts that were a collaboration with those from beyond this dimension. In truth, we all come into this life experience with the ability to commune in this manner. However, as we become enmeshed in a reality that does not recognize or acknowledge this gift, the “fairy dust” fades and we become shrouded with veils of forgetfulness, thereby losing our way. Some of us have miraculously retained our connection with those in the Realms of Light, from which we all came and are all returning.


To schedule a telephone session, please fill out the fields at left. Please include the days and times that are most convenient for you. I will do my best to accommodate your request. For those who wish to pay by credit or debit card, your payments are securely handled through our payment processing partner Paypal. You may also send a personal check or money order as long as it is received prior to the session.

Channeled communication - 1 Hour $77


“Jeannine's readings come from the heart. I have loved hearing from the Archangels and Masters as they share their great wisdom through her. Their words always seem to direct me to my inner wisdom and self-empowerment. The greatest gift for me was when Mother Mary clearly instilled within me that nothing that anyone says to me can ever take me away from my own divine self, unless I allow it. The healing has gone very deep within me and I am so grateful.”

~ Linda Folk


“I have been privileged to know Jeannine Michaelson for many years. During this time, I have communicated with the Masters through her in a number of sessions. Her intuitive understanding of my progress along the path toward awareness and unity has caused her to open herself to those Masters who would benefit me the most at any particular juncture. Each time that she has given me a reading, I have experienced a great leap forward because of the wisdom and love that I received from her and from the Masters. I feel truly blessed to know her. She is an adept, kind, and worthy guide.”

~ Marti Stroble